the diary of a somewhat brassy & campy lady…

it started out as a the outlet of a desperate woman…it became a tell-all

Markella has been called pretentious, gullible, flighty and campy. She is also blunt, brutally honest and very sensitive. Some women consider her an icon of society and fashion, others brush her off as a brassy butterfly from the criminal world, one that has no place among the social and fashionable elite. Markella knows that this comes with the territory. After all she is the wife of a notorious crime boss. Nick is a renowned card cheat, mobster and legendary boss. They make quite the couple. Some love them, some hate them, while so many love to hate them. An unexpected situation develops and push comes to shove. This turn of events sparked her burning desire to share what she knows with the world. She has seen so much in her life and now feels like she is about to burst at the seams. But she can’t talk about these things to anyone. It isn’t permitted. She decides to write it all out anyway, in her red book. So Markella brings a chatty diary to life, filled with information about her husband, Nick. Markella takes time to get her thoughts together, expressing half of what she is thinking in her diary. She writes in her slow burn style. Sometimes staccato and sometimes rambling, sometimes brash and often politically incorrect, she fills the pages of her journal with their unusual story. Their life is drenched with crime, mystery, eccentricity, double-crossers, and dripping with the unique flavors of Greece, New York, and Osaka. Her diary is soaked through and through with gossip, romance and a touch of the metaphysical. But is what she writes in this diary true? Are these pages filled with what she really feels and what she really knows to be true? Something terribly wrong comes to light…but what really happened? You be the judge.

suzy valtsioti

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