New Maryland Museum Dives Into the Mythology of Mermaids

Blending history, pop culture and folklore, the attraction features a Feejee mermaid, original artworks and more

Interior view of Mermaid Museum
The 2,200-square-foot venue is located about ten miles inland from Ocean City, in the town of Berlin, Maryland. (Alyssa Maloof Photography / Mermaid Museum)

By Isis Davis-Marks

Source: New Maryland Museum Dives Into the Mythology of Mermaids



The Six Maidens of Ancient Karyes, Laconia Greece. The Six Sisters, daughters of the architect/builder of the temple, models for the sculptured female columns that supported The Erechtheion at the Acropolis of Athens for thousands of years.

Five of the Six Caryatids stand in the Acropolis museum,waiting, with a place reserved for their one sister that doesn’t stand alongside them any longer. She stands alone, in the London museum, longing to go home.

behind closed doors…

seen here

“if only walls had ears”



the pandemic & the arts

Paintings of Paintings.

art encapsulated in art

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