Feel the waves

Seashore. Suzy Valtsioti

generational trauma

carrying the wounds of history

Pain, persecution and misdeeds travelling through time

Veiled Existence

There are boatrides and there are boatrides…


A glimpse from the past. Some things never change.

1200px Alfred Stieglitz American The Steerage Google Art Project e1542697288895

Manetpainting scaled e1601061700106

a sea queen emerged from the deep

absinthe…van Gogh…art…

Submerged in van Gogh: Would Absinthe Make the Art Grow Fonder?

Originally tweeted by suzy valtsioti (@suzy_valtsioti) on June 12, 2021.

artful play…

love this. what a voyage!

see it here on pinterest. Looks like it could possibly be by James Christensen, but it wasn’t cited.