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Just another day in the DuBois household. Lollie believes she is a Queen. The legendary bird women of myths, the Sirens, flying about in the Garden, are having their issues with Babette. Thurston, spending most of the day in the library, is still captive in a prison of silence. The healer ladies of the Great House, as usual, are dispensing the sugar pills to be taken round the clock.

This was the way things were up until that day came.

The Day Before The Story.

In The Day Before The Story, (Book 1 of the series), a peculiar visit from an ancestor shook the world of the DuBois. Do not be fooled by the whimsical atmosphere or the dreamy pace. The world of the DuBois would never be the same again. This visit triggered a series of unusual events to take place. The fog that surrounded them was lifting. The sails were now set and a bizarre journey begins.

Times get twisted, secrets become revealed and strange truths are discovered about the rather eccentric DuBois. A disturbing family history will eventually unfold. A saga brimming with mysterious times, alluring places and eccentric characters waits to be explored.

Are you ready to find out what this mysterious and unusual family is all about?

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An excerpt from “The Day Before the Story”

“…Lollie observed the noise their shoes were making. She recognized the hidden significance of the sounds, the clues left behind by the sound of their walk.

Talented detectives know these things“, mused Lollie.

If noises had a smell, all of the noises that bounced off the walls today in the Great House, beginning with the Storm of the Chattering Monkeys up to and including the clamor the women made with their heels, would have a very complex bouquet.

Any DuBois would recognize this immediately.

The bouquet would be best described as the lingering scent of cinnamon cake baking in an oven, competing with the asphyxiating smell of strong patchouli, blending with the pungent tang that freshly watered tomato plant leaves release in the air. All of these notes meshed with the sneeze-inducing, sharp aroma of freshly cut garden grass.

Mind you, these are not scents that were in the air at that time. They were the scents that the noise gave off.

Yes, the DuBois were very sensitive to smells. They could smell noise.


from The Day Before The Story (The DuBois Family Saga, Book 1)

The DuBois Legacy – Timeswept Winds. Book 1 The Calm Before The Storm

A family saga where gothic meets whimsy & reality merges with myth.

A tale of suspended time and different worlds.

Get ready for the most unusual tale…

Secrets are slowly revealed allowing for an incredibly strange discovery to take place.

It all began with the arrival of a strange note…

and from the moment it arrived, nothing remained the same.

The DuBois Legacy – Timeswept Winds

Book 1 The Calm Before The Storm

It is only the beginning….and it is coming soon.

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SOME of the characters from Book 1 are so eager for you to hear their story, they even posed for a quick sketch :

no title needed.

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